Premises Liability

Premises liability relates to the responsibility of an owner or management company for the condition of land, a parking lot, the floor in a store, or a tree on a property, and for activities taking place on the land. Our personal injury attorneys have litigated hundreds of premises liability cases on behalf of injured persons and have been privately retained to defend serious premises liability cases.

Not every slip and fall or trip and fall entitles the victim to compensation. Liability of the property owner depends on the facts.

Premises liability cases include:

  • An employee with a criminal record breaks into a hotel room with a master pass key and assaults the guest.
  • A shopper in a grocery store (or other retail establishment) slips on spilled water or trips and falls over debris, or is hit by falling boxes.
  • A person in an apartment building or office complex is injured as the result of defective or negligently maintained stairways, lighting, security, or walkways.
  • Swimming pool accidents and drownings caused by inadequate supervision or defective gates.

What Is Premises Liability?

When a guest, tenant or other person is injured as a result of a property owner’s or manager’s failure to properly repair or maintain the property, the owner or manager may be held liable for the injuries. This is true for a commercial property, a public property, or a residential property.

Do I Have A Case?

Not every slip and fall or trip and fall entitles the victim to compensation. Liability of the property owner depends on the facts. Was the icy puddle in front of the freezer case a recurring problem? Was the assault the result of negligent hiring? Was there “black ice” on a walkway? Was the electrical injury the result of a building code violation? These issues often require careful and thorough investigation.

Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer Evaluate Your Premises Liability Case?

Recent court decisions in Maryland demonstrate why legal skill in developing and presenting a case is so important. See, for example, the recent cases involving black icePoole v. Coakey & Williams Construction, Inc., 417 Md. 501, 10 A.3d 1180 (2011);  and Thomas v Panco Mgt of Md, LLC, 423 Md. 387; 31 A.3d 583 (2011)  and uneven floor during renovationS & S Oil, Inc. v. Jackson, No. 428md. 621, 53a, 3d 1125(2012).

Are Dog Bites Covered By Premises Liability?

Dog bites can be but are not always premises liability claims. But compensation for a dog bite injury is often covered by homeowner’s insurance policy or business liability policy of the dog owner.

Consultation and Claim Evaluation

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