Drug Possession

If you’re facing drug charges, the Maryland drug possession lawyers at Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher (SCB) are ready to fight for you! Getting representation as soon as possible following any charge for drug possession is the best way to get a positive result at trial. These charges are considered very serious.  Only an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer can successfully defend your case.

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In the state of Maryland, drug possession alone can lead to four years in prison and $25,000 in fines. The legal consequences of distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking are even more severe.

How Can an Expert Drug Possession Defense Firm help?

An experienced criminal defense drug lawyer from Sasscer, Clagett, and Bucher can represent clients facing drug charges anywhere in Maryland. Look for a drug defense attorney with the knowledge and resources to build a defense against drug offenses including

  • first offense marijuana possession
  • possession with intent to distribute
  • possession with intent to manufacture or traffic a controlled substance

Possible defenses to Maryland drug charges include illegal search, illegally obtained evidence, arranging a plea to a reduced charge, or negotiating sentencing options such as probation before judgement.

What is the Penalty for Drug Crimes in Maryland?

The laws and penalty for drug crimes in Maryland vary greatly depending on the type of narcotic that is involved. For example, penalties related to marijuana possession will vary greatly from the penalties associated to prescription drugs.

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