Recovering Medical Bills and Wages After Injury

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Paying For Medical Treatment After An Accident

If you were hurt in a car accident, then you will be covered by personal injury protection benefits under your auto insurance policy unless those benefits have been waived. PIP benefits will pay for at least $2,500 of medical treatment at any facility you choose. You can also submit bills for medical care to your health care insurance company, which may ask to be paid back out of any compensation you get from a personal injury claim. Your attorney will help you negotiate this lien.

Most serious injuries require lengthy treatment by independent specialists who may not accept your health insurance. Although your health insurer may offer approved doctors in these specialties, those doctors are paid by the health insurance companies and don’t necessarily have any interest in creating medical records that fully and accurately document your injuries. Remember, your injury case rests partly on documentation made by your doctors.

What Should I Do If I Can Not Afford A Board Certified Doctor?

If you are like most people and can not afford to pay a board-certified doctor, many doctors will agree to treat you if you sign an agreement to pay the doctor’s bill out of the personal injury settlement or award.

You should discuss your options with your lawyer before submitting any claims to Medicare, because Medicare has “super rights” to collect reimbursement if you get financial compensation via an insurance settlement or jury verdict. There may be other possible sources of financial assistance that are less complicated.

Who Will Pay My Lost Wages?

The person or company that caused your injuries via negligent or intentional wrongdoing is legally responsible for reimbursing you for wages you lost due to time off work due to the accident. You will need doctor’s authorization to stay off work, and your employer will have to complete a document indicating the time lost from work and your wages. Some percentage of your lost wages may also be reimbursed through personal injury protection coverage.

Consultation and Claim Evaluation

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